Li. Li. Congratulations, and thank you for choosing a BMW. Thorough familiarity with your This Owner’s Manual should be considered a permanent. View and Download BMW I owner’s manual online. BMW BMW Owner’s Manual pages Automobile BMW SERIE 7 Owner’s Manual. BMW i Li Li Owners Manual on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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We wish you an enjoyable driving experience. Printed in Germany Printed on environmentally friendly paper — bleached without chlorine, suitable for recycling. Online Edition for Part No. If you have any additional questions, your BMW center will be glad to advise you. Follow the relevant safety rules when you are handling gasoline. The section will also assist you in becoming acquainted with the control concepts and options available for operating the various systems.

Dynamic Brake Control for Canadian models. Comfort and convenience — controls and displays Online Edition for Part No. You can find detailed instructions describing how to use the individual sys- tems in the separate sections. The first setting option for time is activated. To change the language of the dis- play texts, refer oeners page Owenrs select settings for vehicle func- tions To set the brightness of the screen, refer to page Online Edition for Part No.

Help texts in assistance window You can call up and also cancel displays containing help texts and supplementary Online Edition for Part No.

BMW Li – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

You can adjust the volume for the instruc- tions from ownegs voice command system: You can store approx. Press the button for a long period. To select from the telephone book To make a new entry in the oeners book To have the entries of the telephone book read out Online Edition for Part No. Its extensive array of features and accessories, both for driving and for your own safety, comfort and convenience, are described here.

Using the spare key adapter. Opening the luggage compartment Maintain pressure on button 3 approx. Refer to section on Opening separately. Operate the vehicle only when the luggage compartment lid is completely closed. Pressing the Panic mode button for a longer period triggers the alarm, refer to page The window continues to move down- ward as long as you continue to hold the switch Online Edition for Part No.

The window moves downward auto- matically.


Please con- tact your BMW center for assistance. Avoid twisting the belt while routing it firmly across the hips and shoulder. Wear it as Online Edition for Part No.


Do not allow the belt to rest against hard or fragile objects. This button is always ready for opera- tion Online Edition for Part No. Tilt angle — driver’s seat only: Press the button to activate this function, see arrow.

To adjust head restraint tilt angle: Fastening Make sure you hear the latch plate engage in the belt buckle. There is a risk of accident from unexpected Online Edition for Part No.

Hold feature, refer to page 63, you can use the button to deactivate the system for parking maneuvers, Online Edition for Part No. Head airbags in front and rear Side airbags in front and rear Knee airbags for driver and front pas- senger Online Edition for Part No.

Never modify or tamper with either the Online Edition for Part No. This category includes the Improperly or inadequately installed restraint systems Online Edition for Part No. Always read and follow the instructions that come with the system.

745lii This Online Edition for Part No. It is to remind you at appropriate places of the settings Online Edition for Part No. These positions can be looked up in the index under the respective keyword.

It is not necessary to depress the brake Online Edition for Part No. With the ignition off, the indicator lamp goes out after a brief period.

Please note any supple- mentary information that appears in the Control Display. To select transmission ranges D, R or N, always start by pulling toward the steering wheel, arrow 1, then press up or down. All forward gears are available. Under normal operating conditions, fuel consumption is lowest when driving in position D.

L mode, refer to page If the brakes are not applied, the vehicle could start to roll if parked on a steep slope. Information on jump-starting, tow-starting and towing begins on page 745lk If you do so, your vision could be obscured.

To avoid freezing, use ownres Online Edition for Part No. Avoid activating the washer when the We recommend that you mix the washer fluid before adding it to the reservoir. Always keep it well b,w from sparks Briefly press button 4: Bma vehicle accelerates to and maintains the last speed stored. Press 1 or pull 2 the lever beyond the detent: Things to know about active cruise control section in this manual beginning on page It will not apply the manusl Online Edition for Part No.

Behavior in curves Online Edition for Part No. Also observe the additional information provided in the Computer, refer to page Control Display screen contents You can view additional information on ser- vice and maintenance procedures by selecting the “Car data” menu. Turn the controller to select date input Online Edition for Part No. The first part of the date entry is activated — here month. The stored status reports appear again in the display. Periods with the vehicle parked and iwners engine off are not included in the calcula- tions of average speed.


Press the controller to confirm your entry. Select the menu entry that you wish to adjust. Press repeatedly to view a listing of your selection options. You can set the brightness of the screen.

Select “Brightness” and confirm your selection. Press and turn the controller to make the adjustment. Wait mabual short period before reversing. Low objects Online Edition for Part No. You may find it useful to briefly activate DTC under the manyal special circum- stances: Check Control messages, refer to page Please note the supplementary information provided in the Control Display.

Warning lamp on Canadian models. The suspension will be noticeably softer and the vehicle will display a greater ten- Online Edition for Part No. Select manusl from the “Settings” menu and confirm your selection. The initial- ization menu appears. The Flat Tire Monitor starts an automatic ‘learning’ process as the car is driven, and memorizes these ref- erence pressures. The TPM cannot alert you to severe and sudden tire damage caused by external factors.

BMW LI OWNERS manual – Bimmerfest – BMW Forums

BMW center if the warning lamp indicates a system fault. With bma ignition off, press the lever in the desired direction 3, past the pressure point. Class 1 light-emitting diodes. Do not remove the covers, and never stare into the unfiltered light several hours, as irritation of the iris could result.

You can find more information on adjusting for draft-free ventilation on page Air to footwell Online Edition for Part No. The following section contains more detailed information on the available set- ting options. Depending on the weather, the windshield Online Edition for Part No. Select the second owwners of the “Cli- mate” menu.

Air to footwell Online Edition for Part No.

Switching off rear air conditioner, refer to next column Online Edition for Part No. Use the lever 1 to vary the airflow direction.

For additional information on rear ventila- tion options, refer to page