Blood of Brothers has ratings and 56 reviews. Frank said: I’ve spent three and a half months in Nicaragua over the past two winters studying Spanish. By the former New York Times Managua bureau chief, this is a well-written, information-rich survey of modern Nicaragua. Kinzer describes how Cesar Sandino’s. Blood of Brothers: Life and War in Nicaragua is a book by Stephen Kinzer, an American author and New York Times foreign correspondent who reported.

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Kinzer writes insightfully, eloquently, and compassionately about Nicaragua, and readers are taken on a journey through the history of the country’s trials and tribulations. Instead, I rapidly devoured it broyhers three days, sneaking peaks during breaks at work, at the dinner table, and upon waking up in the morning It is the rare book that keeps me up past midnight, frantically turning pages under a reading lamp to see what comes next; it is rarer still that such a book is a nonfiction account rather than the latest Harry Potter installment.

They resort to bullying and terror to achieve this.

Blood of Brothers — Stephen Kinzer | Harvard University Press

Looking for beautiful books? Politics are written with the blood of a nation, and nowhere is that more evident than in a country of great upheaval like Nicaragua during the 80s and the revolution-era, where starvation, poverty and regular burials at the cemetery were a way of life. Drawing on interviews with government officials and local residents Kinzer paints a picture of a country in an unsettled state of war.

She insisted that I read this book.

Blood of Brothers : Life and War in Nicaragua

All their slim resources have to be distributed to their military forces in order to defend themselves. Like many good journalists, Kinzer writes with a lot of dynamic range — he’s good with both the grand historical sweep as well as intimate interviews with ordinary Nicaraguans.


Dec 13, Justin rated it it was amazing. But this book made me see that a lot of mistakes were made, a lot of freedoms repressed, but it also was clear eyed about the awful Reagan policies that cost many lives.

Blood of Brothers: Life and War in Nicaragua (Latin American Studies)

Will I was supposed to visit Nicaragua this past summer, but right before my trip, massive and violent civil unrest broke out, and it continues today. When Sandinistas began trying to regulate their lives and work, the result was predictable.

Reagan’s gambit to outspend the communists worked in the end, but created conflict far beyond Russia and Eastern Europe, with 30, lives lost in Nicaragua. May 27, Carol rated it it was amazing. If the guest did not know the hospital, then I would begin asking questions: Description Inat age twenty-five, Stephen Kinzer arrived in Nicaragua as a freelance journalist – and became a witness to history.

Widely considered the best-connected journalist in Central America, Kinzer personally met and interviewed people at every level of the Somoza, Sandinistas and contra hierarchies, as brofhers as dissidents, heads of state, and brotherz ordinary citizens throughout the region.

You get the sense that he is sympathetic to the Sandinista cause, but some of the book’s most vivid scenes describe the economic shortages, petty tyrannies and general misrule of the comandantes. From that standpoint, the war which is the central focus of the book, and any future cival war which one of the locals told me could happen, is not just tragic nut pointless and idiotic.

In El Salvador and Guatemala, guerrilla armies were attempting to overthrow right-wing dictatorships – the dictatorships, supported by the US, had ruled those countries for decades. He saves his more savage critisism for the Regan administration, the CIA and the state department.

Blood of Brothers – Wikipedia

Trivia About Blood of Brothers The Hoechst chemical company office? Now THAT would have made for an interesting story. His nonsense books, mo ….


Jan 07, Matthew rated it liked it. I could only wish for something as good to cover the last 20 years, as this book ends its coverage in the mid’s, with a nice afterward that briefly sums up the 10 years after that point specifically written for this re-release version that I purchased. In fact it didnt show any polititcian in a very positive light. May 28, Maddie Rojas Lynch rated it it was amazing Shelves: The result is big-hearted, fair-minded and never dull.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Today’s Nicaragua is different, in that it has been largely peaceful for 35 years, and is the safest country in Latin America. Apr 30, Nathan Titus rated it liked it Shelves: The digital Loeb Classical Library loebclassics. All over the country, many peasants decided that farming was no longer a good business, and abandoned the land altogether [and moved to the cities] where they found work as middlemen or market vendors, joining the network of speculators and hoarders who were steadily pushing prices higher and making life more and more difficult for everyone.

But, in contrast to many other war-torn countries, it is remarkable how quickly Nicaragua became a bkood place to live and how soon people who had been mortal enemies were reconciled and even became friends.

Apr 19, Lorena rated it liked it Shelves: Which is why, as long as someone wants my hlood down there, I’ll keep coming. It is a vibrant portrait of the Nicaraguan people and their volcanic land, a cultural history rich in poetry and bloodshed, baseball and insurrection.

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