Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason is a well-written autobiography told with humor and heart by an “average” person. It is the story lived by many. Listen to a free sample or buy Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason ( Unabridged) by Seth Andrews on iTunes on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. In DEconverted: a journey from religion to reason, author Seth Andrews describes his journey from Christian to atheist. Born the son of.

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Yes, there there are “liberal” Christians here, as well as a few Muslims, about 25 Jews, possibly a few Hindus, although I haven’t seen any, some agnostics, some atheists, but no place to really gather and not be in church, because the only alternative is the Unitarian CHURCH, and while it’s a catchall for all beliefs and while they tend to make fun of fundies, it’s still called a “church,” so that kind of defeats the purpose.

Also, my coming out experience as an atheist is similar in many ways to that of the author. You can find TTA at the web site www. I lost a lot of my faith at the same time I stopped believing in unicorns also embarrassingly late, in my teens – yes, I was a fanciful childbut I did not dare follow my thoughts through to the end. He goes through his early childhood indoctrination and his Christian radio stent to his final journey as the founder of one of the most popular atheist sites called The Thinking Atheist.

Seth doesn’t include very many personal details, in fact he doesn’t even mention when, or that, he’d been married until he speaks about being on the verge of divorce. Internet Infidels Needs Your Support!

They are still the same person you liked, loved, and respected before you found out. Seth’s story is relligion common amongst American theist-turned-nonbelievers. She is the author of Vegan Green Smoothies by Vilms: This could easily be my coming out of the closet, although I’m trying to keep this from showing up on my FB profile.


Here are a few to ponder: He talks about this, but I religjon feel the answer was completely satisfactory. Cultural Bias and Social Conditioning.

This was the first time that he had actually taken an objective look at it, and now jouney he had, he was dumbfounded by what he was seeing. Seth is a positive person with a great sense of humor and is an excellent communicator and story teller.

That is all there is. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Even before he made the decision to de-robe, Batchelor questioned the organization of Buddhism. The slowly dawning acknowledgment that a so-called infallible book was instead full of inconsistencies and that there was no sky-daddy to worship and serve; the friction of family still in the clutches of Christianity and the pain my breaking free of those clutches caused; the inexorable movement from ingrained teaching that there IS a god, to the position that there MAY NOT be a god to the realism that there is NO god; the feeling that a weight has been lifted when you stop basing your life on fairy tales and myths.

This is another reminder the world needs after being told someone is an atheist. Allegiance to these teachings is expected, often demanded. Assertions like these seem comical until you realize that many Christian parents aren’t kidding when they teach them to their children as facts. I always enjoyed Seth’s atheist show, so hearing that he was releasing a book I was interested. His straightforward, humorous manner and radio-quality voice only improve the book.

He researched and read the ancient texts of Siddattha Gotama and learned that the way the Buddha taught was unlike the religion Buddhism had evolved into.

Seth tells his story with great wit, insight, without condescending to those whose beliefs he no longer shares. This is an Oklahoma-born guy who was While well written and undoubtedly courageous, I thought this book left a lot to be desired. Description And then Noah loaded the dinosaurs onto the ark.


The author thought the same about himself.

February Book Review: DEconverted: a journey from religion to reason by Seth Andrews

Seth Andrews is in his 40s and I predict the best is yet to come in Seth’s career. Deconvertsd Really liked it. He went boldly forth and has set and admirable example. The info in this book doesn’t seem to go beyond what a Bio Blurb might say on his website or any other ‘About’ tab. With Buddhism, though, it is easier to grasp the transition from Buddhist monk to Atheist as early Buddhism is tp to the Ten Commandments Dawkins found.

It’s interesting reading another indoctrinated person’s journey to deconversion. May 19, Blu rated it really liked it. Though I also caution anyone who is expecting more than just an introductory look at atheism, and a heartwarming tale of a young broadcaster, learning that he can’t ingore reality and feel okay at the same time.

To learn more about Vilma and what she offers, visit vilmareynoso. Those who have doubts regarding their religious faith and religious dogma will find solace in knowing that it is indeed ok to question what you have been instructed to think by your parents, pastors and priests.

And like the author, I continue to not be afraid to be and show my true self. A Journey from Religion to Reason is a well-written autobiography told with humor and heart by an “average” person.

(PDF Download) Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason Read Online – video dailymotion

For me it was Jehova’s witnesses. I kept expecting to hear, “Area code you’re on The Thinking Atheist, who’s this? While well written and undoubtedly courageous, I thought this book left a lot to be desired.

Her mission is to inspire and facilitate holistic transformation in people for a kinder, healthier planet.