This is the complete text of “Rites and Symbols”, an essay by René Guénon, which If the fundamental identity of rites and symbols is more closely examined . In this work, Guénon deals with the metaphysical and cosmological meaning of symbols, drawn from traditions as far-ranging as the Greek, the Buddhist, the. In this work, probably the most significant in a modern Western language concerning symbolism, Guénon deals with the metaphysical and cosmological.

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By those ranged In ranks, And who drive away, repulsing, And who recite the invocation. Imagine that during long centuries an entire school of theology had not seen in the formula the meaning shmbols we see today — this would not prove that the meaning is not there. We do not distinguish here between the domain of Being and That which is beyond, for it is obvious that possibilities of manifestation, viewed especially as they are contained in Being, do not really differ in any way from these same possibilities in so far as they are contained along with tuenon others in Total Possibility.

This is not a departure from our subject, for the Grail itself — as is clear from all we have just said — originally had no other signification than that which the sacred vase has wherever it is to be 7. It is known that in ancient times Mont Salnt-Michel was named Tombelaine, that is to say. It is this communication which is represented by the understanding of the language of the birds; and in fact birds are frequently taken as symbols of the angels, that is, precisely, of the higher states.

We will add that, generally speaking, 5. Of the bracketed notes, those without any specific attribution are by Michel Valsan, whereas those that have been added to this English edition, except for mere references, are attributed to the translator or to the editor as the case may be.

The Narrow Gate There is a complete parallelism here between two modes of expres- sion, geometric symbolism and numerical symbolism, so that it makes no difference which is used, and it is perfectly natural to pass from the one to the other. This long awaited volume is presented here in English for the first time; and since it constitutes one of Guenon’s greatest works, its publication must be counted as one of the great literary events guenn this century. English Choose a language for shopping.

See our article in Le Voile d’Isis. The psychoanalytical gueenon of traditional symbols aims in reality 4.


Rites and Symbols

The particular question that arises here is: But even this very survival, however lacking in interest it may seem, is neverthe- less not so contemptible: Log-in or create an account first! It used to be so in the West also — we have only to think what Christianity was like in the Middle Ages; but today the relationships are reversed.

In fact it is obvious that folklore, which is essentially made up of elements of extinct traditions, inevitably represents a degeneration with respect to these traditions, while being none the less the only means by which something of them could be saved. One of the symbols we wish to speak of is the triangle with the point direc- ted downwards; it is a kind of schematic representation of the sacrificial cup and it is to be found in this sense in certain yantras or geometrical symbols of India.

The universal language of symbolism is as old as humanity; and the light which Guenon throws on the intelligence and the intellectual unanimity of the ancient world is enough to dispel forever any lingering illusions about primitive man that we have subconsciously retained from our education.

If Waite believes, as he seems to.

In certain respects one could also relate this to the gkenon known symbolism of the pelican. But in fact, for figurations of this kind, numbers that have in themselves a particular symbolic value have always been chosen.

The same remark would be equally valid for the chrismon as compared to the wheel. We could add that this is not even the essence in correlation with substance, for if it be true that substance implies manifestation it is nevertheless not itself within mani- festation.

: Symbols of Sacred Science (): Rene Guenon: Books

Now what can be the significance of these three precincts? These are nothing less than 75 chapters distributed in 8 thematic parts, embracing a wide approach that contemplates several traditional aspects of practically all the religions and doctrines today existent. Islamic Law and Rulings. Loth 3 and to which we have already had occasion to allude. The Language gueonn the Birds 41 with the higher states. It is not possible to develop here all the consequences of such a state of affairs; we will simply point out some of those which relate more particularly to the religious perspective; and first of all, let it be noted that the contempt and repugnance that other peoples, especially Orientals, feel with regard to Westerners stem in large part from the fact that Westerners generally appear to them to be symbpls without tradition, without religion, which in their eyes is a real monstrosity.


Bonds and Knots The Symbolism of the Heart Man, separated from his original Centre by his own fault, finds himself henceforth confined to the temporal sphere; he can no longer regain the single point from which all things are contemplated from the aspect of eternity. We have spoken of this in L’Esoterisme de Dante, ch.

The Symbolism of the Cross, ch. The same idea is contained in the word dhikr which, in Islamic esoterism, is used of rhythmic formulas that sgmbols exactly to Hindu mantras.

Fundamental symbols ; The Universal Language of Sacred Science

But it would symbbols absolutely chimerical to claim to introduce considerations and applications of this kind into European languages, for which they are not made and in which the numerical value of letters, for exam- ple, does not exist.

On the other hand. There is still at least one more symbolic equivalent of the cup: Another observation is likewise called for, this time on symbolism: In addition, Schuon was obviously a charismatic man able to command the respect, admiration and support of many sycophants, whereas Guenon was a sort of Lovecraftian eccentric, a paranoid loner who seemed to do fundamentzl but read and write.

The Universal Language of Sacred Science. The conclusions he reaches are even rather disappointing, especially if one thinks of all the work done in order to reach them, and it is on this point that we would like to formulate several observations which will, quite naturally, relate to questions we have treated on other occasions.

Lectures By Guenn Yasin. One of the chief meanings of floral symbolism is that which relates to the feminine or passive principle of manifestation, Prakriti or universal sub- stance. Far more than a simple catalogue of myths and symbols from many traditions, Symbols of the Sacred Science lays the foundation for a universal esoteric symbology.

Better still, it is the beginning, the middle, and the end; and these three aspects are represented in the monosyllable AUM, to which Charbonneau-Lassay alluded as emblem of Christ and the association of which with the swastika, among the signs of the wymbols of the Carmelites of Loudun, seems to us particularly significant.

At the same time, this clearly indicates their passive character, incapable of initiative or spontaneity.