From Wikipedia: Grail Quest is a series of gamebooks by J. H. Brennan. The books are illustrated by John Higgins (I). The series is (usually) set in King Arthur’s. Note: Some of these gamebooks were planned for addition but This page showcases some of the best gamebook and solo .. GrailQuest. GrailQuest is a set of Choose Your Own Adventure-type game books by J.H. Brennan, with eight books in the series: The Castle of Darkness (); The Den of.

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GrailQuest (Literature) – TV Tropes

Puzzles are generally easy e. Project Aon – a must-visit site that provides free downloads of Lone Wolf fantasy gamebooks, courtesy of author Joe Dever. GrailQuest is a series of gamebooks by J. The unfortunate thing about this series, though, is that it was never completed; after six volumes, it went out of print, so the entire world is inaccessible to readers.

GM-less No gamemaster needed to play. Recommended Find Your Fate links: I was quite fortunate to collect this entire series quickly and unexpectedly; an eBay win covered most of it, and the couple of books missing from that lot were easy enough to find. The quality of grailquet is very high throughout, and there are many fun riddles and logic puzzles to solve along the way.



Second Person Translated Into: I find the recipes in this book not all that interesting – but then again, perhaps cooking was much more boring in the early s than today. Zork Gamebooks Page – by Andrew Schultz, including detailed review of each book and breakdown of puzzles Chronology of Quendor – a must-visit for every Zork fan. The Shadow of Shargan. Nintendo Adventure Books is a series of gamebooks released between and When a character’s Life Points reach zero, the character is dead, and when they gamegooks at 5, they are knocked out.

Roger rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Soundway to Reading – Which Way Books 2. The Way of Wizardry.

GrailQuest | RPG | RPGGeek

grailqiest One six-sided die is required to play each game, and the combat system is quite simple despite the fact that each superhero is given numerical skills in different categories. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Recommended Freeway Warrior links: Pip is often called upon by Merlin to right wrongs and save the realm from evil. Excited by my acquisition, I had to make a priority of reading through it. The Den of Dragons 3.


Dave Morris April 5, at Grailquest 2 Character Sheet back.

The Plains of Howling Darkness. You can carry characters from book to book, similar to the Lone Wolf series. Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries is a fun gamebook series based on the world’s most famous fictional detective.

The stories are well-written and more realistic than most gamebooks.

For instance, Excalibur Junior hits on a roll of 4 hitting Description from Demian’s page about this ultra-rare series: Legion of the Dead. The books are illustrated by John Higgins.

Includes over sections and some clever plot twists. As Falcon, the top agent, you are thrust into numerous scenarios endangering not only your life, but the very timelines.

I was lucky, being nine years old at exactly the right time to catch this one print run of choose-your-own-adventures.