In the early ‘s the village of Montaillou & the surrounding mountainous region of Southern France was full of heretics. When Jacquest Fournier, Bishop of. Most editions of Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie’s classic Montaillou, first published in French 40 years ago, have one of two subtitles, neither of. Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, Montaillou: Cathars and Catholics in a French Village, Montaillou itself is a tiny village in the south of France, in a region of high.

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Log In Sign Up. His voluminous registers survive at the Vatican library to offer modern historians the opportunity to dissect the lives and mentalities of medieval peasant culture. The registers also provide insight into the way the power structure of medieval rural society 1 Emmanuel LeRoy Ladurie, Montaillou: Ladhrie Promised Land of Error, ed.

Barbara Bray New York: In Montaillou, Ladurie illustrates how peasant culture was largely oral and centered around the family household, known as the domus. The domus consisted of all of the residents of a house, including mostly blood montailkou and sometimes a few servants.


The domus was how the residents conceived of their world, and kinship was the paramount thread that connected the members of that world.

Kinship also included baptismal sponsors and friends. These networks of communication are how the Cathar heresy spread: Religious ideas also spread through the networks created by itinerant shepherds who originated in Montaillou. Some of them became mohtaillou and prophets of the Cathar heresy. Ladurie focuses a great deal on the lives of shepherds, constructing an ethnography within the larger ethnography.

Montaillou: The Promised Land of Error

Ladurie also spends much time analyzing the life of the notorious womanizing priest, Pierre Clergue. Clergue was the only religious figure in town, and was part of a local elite family that held several offices and exerted power over the rest of the town.

Clergue used his influence to protect his friends and punish his enemies. He ladurke both an informer against his heretic friends and a heretic himself who was eventually denounced and imprisoned until his death. Adherents of the Cathar heresy tended to espouse older, pagan-like beliefs and practices.

Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, Montaillou — Faculty of History

One example of this is that if both parties enjoyed a sexual act, it did not constitute a sin, montailllou was in direct conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church. LaDurie wishes to show that rural religion at this time was perfunctory in nature and was much more tied to older, pre-Christian belief systems.


This Ladurie does by providing examples of how peasants believed in such concepts as the migration of souls from one body to the next after death, similar to the Hindu belief in reincarnation. In essence, peasant religious culture was sensual and laurie.

Peasants adopted the parts of Christianity or Catharism that made sense to their literal, mongaillou world, and largely eschewed the abstract. In all, Ladurie does a masterful ladueie at bringing their protean culture into direct light, providing a microhistory that bristles with life and death like few others.

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