LEY 20378 PDF

– The fame, 2s 6d. j □ Stone’s Reading on the Statute of Bankrupts, is — — ‘ Student’s Termes de la Ley, js.. v “j ^. 18 déc. MULTILATERAL. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of jer y asegurar por ley u otros medios apropiados la realization. la Ley se divide en partes iguales entre 1) la. Provincia de Santiago La Ley crea un Panel de Expertos encargado Transportes) () Ley Crea un.

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It provides for the manner adopted in calculating the amounts of contribution per lsy per month and the criteria followed for such a calculation. Establishes rules lye the reorganisation of insurance companies and the protection of policy-holder rights. Amendments relating to Social Security benefits for the beneficiaries of deceased employees.

Owners are now allowed to sell their land without their tenants’ consent. Provides for the placement of the surplus of the agricultural cooperatives subject to the provisions of Act No. The time limits for receipt of such applications and the body to which they must be addressed will be specified in the advertisments.

Specifically prohibits controls on the press ,ey in matters connected with public safety or national security. Amends the first paragraphs of subsections 1 and 2 of section 3 of the Order of the Minister of Defence No.

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Provides that information relating to the reasons, causes and probability of each accident, as well as its human and physical costs be reported to the Manpower and Training Directorate. This would be equivalent to one month salary of their basic salary if the transfer was from on district to another, and half of their basic monthly salary if the transfer was inside the district”.

Overturns land reform legislation enacted after the revolution. Procedural provisions concerning payment oey the allowance by employing authorities, etc. This Order repeals Order No. Amends section 8 of Order No. Foreign non-governmental organisations may also exercise the activities allowed to civil societies under this law.

To grant all the civil servants a special monthly allowance of 10 per cent of the basic wage on or on the date of appointment for those who are appointed after that date. It establishes a monthly payment for benefactors of welfare salaries provided by the Social Insurance and the Child Act. Seleccionar por Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page.


Authorizes the boards of directors of the General Confederation and general trade unions to grant board members an allowance not exceeding Egyptian pounds per month. The Order defines these institutions as to the type of mental disability, the services provided and the permitted age for disabled persons to be in such institutions.

The time limits for receipt of such applications and the body to which they must be addressed will be specified in the advertisments.

The amendments provide for new definitions and scope includes private, public and mixed sections and agricultural workers and domestic servants ; trade union registration and acquisition of legal personality; non-applicability of legislation of trade union funds for cultural, social and other purposes; the establishment of a single national-level “general union” of workers belonging to allied occupational categories and the right of the General Confederation of Trade Unions to amend the rules of such “general unions” in accordance with the standards set in the amended Act; the General Confederation’s leadership of the Egyptian trade union movement; and many other related matters.

Provides that the special allowances received by workers in the state, public sector, and the public works’ sector as provided for in Act No. Decree by the President of the Republic No. The product sold may have minor physical differences depending on manufacturer specifications, colour, production batch, etc.

As long as you send the goods back to us in accordance with the Conditions of Return, Jayley will refund your order within 14 days of receiving the goods, due to varying processing times between payment providers. Supports the protection of women and requires the Ministry of Social Affairs to transfer 50, Egyptian pounds to the General Organisation for Women’s Care.


Provides for the insurance of contractors, and quarry and salt-works workers. Order of the Ministry of Manpower and Migration No. Amends section 8 of Order No.

Provides for the conditions to grant the special monthly allowance provided for in s.

Defines the conditions to be fulfilled by a course to be let as an educational course under the provisions of section 24 of the Trade Unions Act. Order of the Minister of Insurances No.

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Provides for the conditions of appointment of the director of the Central Federation for agricultural cooperation. Inter alia these include: Sets forth the structure of the Higher Consultative Council for Vocational Safety and Health and the general policy areas it shall be concerned with. Order of the Ministry of Health and Population No. Recognizes as civil society any grouping of natural or legal persons or both organized leh non-profit-making purposes, without prejudice to those societies established by special decrees or under international 203778.

Provides for occupational health physicians from the governor Health Directorates to be seconded to governor Lsy Directorates for one or two days per week to conduct occupational safety and health inspection of industrial workplaces and examine medical issues arising in complaints let local labour administration authorities and for other purposes.

The periodicity of reappraisal examinations is once every six months for the first year, once a year for the following three years, and once every two years for the following six years. Provides for reimbursement of the taxes imposed on Egyptians working abroad under Act No. Provides for the scope of application of the regulation, membership, financing and functioning of cooperatives.

These commissions must be composed of the employer or managing director of the enterprise, the heads of the main production departments, the civil defence officer, the enterprise physician – if one has been appointed, lry a number of workers’ representatives equal to half the total membership of each commission.